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Commonly Used Forms - Annuity
403(b) Variable Annuity Surrender Request
Annuitization Request for Variable Annuity Products *All plan types except 403(b), 457, and 401(a)(k)
Annuity Beneficiary Change Request
Annuity Change Request
Annuity Forms Information Cover Sheet
Annuity Ownership Change Request Form for Qualified Plans
Annuity Ownership Change Request for Non-qualified Annuity Contracts
Automatic Income Program Enrollment Form for Fixed Annuity Contracts
Automatic Income Program Enrollment Form for Variable Annuity Contracts
EFT Direct Deposit - Electronic Fund Transfer Authorization Agreement
Fixed Annuity Surrender Request
Internet Partial Withdrawal/Telephone Redemption Authorization Form (for non-403(b) contracts only)
Registered Representative Assistant Authorization Form
Registered Representative Change Request Form
Required Minimum Distribution Request
Surrender Request for Fixed Annuity Contracts Continued by a Beneficiary
Surrender Request for Variable Annuity Contracts Continued by a Beneficiary
Tax Form - IRS W8 Foreign Beneficiary Status Instructions
Third Party Authorization Form (Do not use to add a Power of Attorney)
Trustee Certification Form (For withdrawal requests, this form is only needed if the contract owner is a trust)
Variable Annuity Surrender Request

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